How to thank the many Congolese for the information they shared with me over the last years? Please find via this page 350 photos that were taken in 2012 for a lab-in-the-field experiment. Via these photos I hope to say “thanks”.

ThreeHundredFifty Faces From Congo

When watching the slideshow please do two things. First, look at the backgrounds to get a glimpse into their lives. The texts that are written on the wall, the houses in front of which the photos were made, the election posters to decorate the living rooms, the children that peer in via the window, etc. Second, look into their eyes. Many show the worry and hardship the Congolese face daily, but many also show the strength and warmth I found among them.

Click on the link above to start the slideshow. If you want an image in full-size, feel free to send me an email.