MoVERS (Mobile Vital Events Registration System)

The IRC is currently implementing in six different countries a project with the goal of reducing under-five mortality using community-based distributors (CBDs) to identify and treat the three main childhood illnesses – malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhea. CBDs are provided with the medication to distribute to children, as well as the tools, such as respiratory timers, needed to correctly diagnose the illnesses. Within this larger project is MoVERS (Mobile Vital Events Registration System) – a project implemented in the Kenema District of Sierra Leone. The objective of MoVERS is to assess the feasibility of using mobile phones to track mortality – specifically under-five mortality.

A baseline and an endline survey will take place in over forty villages to assess what happened in these villages. This data will then be compared to the data received from mobile phones during the MoVERS project. In these forty villages all the households will be surveyed making it possible to learn a lot about social and economic networks.

Material and presentations

  • We are currently in the design fase and also discuss different variations for project implementation.